❄️A Cold Minnesota Evening Hike❄️

I have been back a whole week now from the Pacific Northwest and I already feel withdrawal from its beauty. The important thing to remember is there can be art in nature anywhere you go. As I continue writing this blog, I will attempt to guide and help new hikers with initial struggles of deciding what gear to wear, what to pack, and what amazing hikes or sights can be seen! eve2

Today was a whopping 1°F!!! So warm, right!?! No…After doing a series of pictures by the Red River my fingers almost fell off; it was my fault, however, since I was rolling around in the snow trying to get decent pictures!! Surprising though to find trail runners, mountain bikers, and other photographers still braving the bitter cold! Give us your worst, Minnesota! Nothing will stop us adventurers😎  eve3

Next post will be 10 of my favorite items to stay warm in the cold while doing your adventures!!❄️ 🌲❄️

Evening grass.png

Til next time! I will post Every week!




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