❄️🌲 Top 5 Reasons why I am a TheNorthFace Junkie🌲❄️


Number 1:


Being a Minnesota native, it is an utmost requirement to have a warm reliable jacket for our brutal arctic winters. The pictures you see above are all shot on a day that had mild hurricane force winds and a cold that is only comparable to Antarctica. My current outer layer I wear is the TheNorthFace Thermoball Jacket. This is available from Amazon for $149.21 for a Large size in mens. It blocks a ton of wind and is water-resistant so if it gets wet, you will stay dry and warm! Hint: It folds in and zips up on itself so if you are sans pillow in the field, use this!! 🙂

Number 2:


All Purpose. All warm.. That is all.. This hat is good in serious cold weather!! There really is not too much to say other than pick this up here!! The North Face Wicked Hat for $25.00!

Number 3:


Whether you are hiking, trail running, mountaineering, or photography, these gloves will suit you well in short bursts outside when it is very cold. They are AWESOME for fall weather and even when its frigid out, the patented E-tip gloves will work with any smartphone. For under $40.00 you can pick yours up here! The North Face Unisex Etip Glove.

Number 4:


The North Face Men’s Thermoball Gilet is my go to vest out of any I have on board. I have been to Norway twice and trust me, this is vest is the bees knees. It is made out of the same material the its cousin the Thermoball jacket is made out of! 🙂

Number 5:


The North Face Mudder Trucker Hat is comfortable and just a cool hat to wear in the field while doing what you love to do! Very breathable and keeps the sun out your face!

As I continue with these blogs, I will give you all the advice I know and will hopefully help with those tough decisions when picking out items. I will also be touching on photography tips and tricks!

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