🌲The Magic of the PNW-Proxy Falls, Oregon🌲


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The unparalleled magic of the Pacific Northwest is infectious. Abound with dynamic and unique ecosystems, goliath waterfalls, thick dense forests, and ancient volcanic mountains, it is hard to not fall in love with such beauty. Join me won’t you, on my video based journeys through America’s Pacific Wonderland-Oregon❤️🌲

🎥The Journey to Proxy Falls video is my latest submission. I aim for at least two videos per week documenting my adventures and hopefully giving inspiration to those who want to travel to Oregon or the greater PNW!

Canadian🇨🇦 clothing company CamptonClothing gives back 10% profits to a charitable wildlife organization and I am a part of their AdventureAgency®!

“Our portfolio of Adventure & Travel Gurus who are ready to collaborate & help you take your brand, product or photography to the next level. Mountain climbing, extreme camping, canoeing, exotic traveling, ocean exploration…you name it, they do it. At the Campton Adventure Agency your guru is waiting to take you on a journey.”giphy-downsized-large.gif

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