🌲🏔Springtime in the Cascade Mountain Range! Short Film..

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June 5th was a great day! Why you might ask? Because it was opening day for the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway just outside of Bend, Oregon. Sun-filled skies and a fragrant scent of new life emerging for the season was a treat for the senses. I decided to spend the day exploring Elk Lake and Mount Bachelor (shown in picture) for the day taking pictures and making a short film called “Cascade Lakes Adventure,” (click that blue text for the film.)

In it, I took a 30-minute time-lapse movie of the clouds forming and dissipating over Mount Bachelor, and if you look closely, you can see the lakeside mosquitos and flies swarming me! It is always amazing and awe-inspiring to see how much change occurs within a half-an-hour of time when the hundreds of pictures taken are reduced to just seconds of film.

If you are interested in joining me on my adventures, you are most welcome!

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