🌲🏔Chush Falls Adventure


⬆️ Chush Falls

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May 10th was an amazing day full of discovery and wonder! I was all alone on the trail and the only sounds I could hear were that of the wind through the trees and other nature surrounding me. In fact, there is a marsh/pond halfway up the trail which was permeated with frogs. They were a thunderous symphony of croaking! The white noise of the waterfall depicted above drew ever closer.

This is an easy 5-mile hike round trip, (6 if you want to see Kaluwas Falls.) There was a forest fire several years ago making the path tricky to hike since it is not maintained. The last portion of the trail was a windy uphill trek that gets the heart beating faster. Once you are atop of the hill you will see a “Trail Ends here” sign.

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This is the overlook to the falls, however, if you are able to climb down the steep ravine, be careful. It is usually wet and can be slippery depending on the weather! Once you are down there you will be graced by this 67 foot waterfall! Make sure you bring your camera as this is a super photogenic waterfall.

Therefore, if you are in the Bend, Oregon neck of the woods, you MUST hike to this waterfall. Located just outside of Sisters, Oregon, there are multiple large waterfalls lined up one after another, two of them to be exact. Getting there is a little bit confusing and GPS is unreliable after you turn onto NF-1514, (I will provide directions below😊.)

🌲Directions: From Sisters, take Road 16 (Elm Street) south for 7 miles. Turn right on Forest Road 1514 and continue 4.8 miles to Road 600. Turn left and follow Road 600 for about 1½ miles to the new Chush Falls Trailhead.

What to Bring:

☀︎Water (always)


☀︎Beer (to enjoy at the falls)



☀︎ Weather Resistant Hiking Boots

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