🌲The Waterfall Gem of Central Oregon

The Waterfall gem of Central Oregon🎥FULL YouTube VIDEO Tumalo Falls Adventure

Tumalo Falls, Oregon

If there were a waterfall icon and gem of Central Oregon, this would be it. An absolute must see when in the Bend, Oregon area. Only 7 miles or so outside of downtown on Skyliners Rd, this is a super fun hike with multiple waterfalls beyond this 89-foot plunge; not only fun but easy and great for all ages!

There are two main observation points for this waterfall. The first is directly beyond the restrooms on a path leading to a small overlook. The second is just a quick 1/4mile hike up to the main observation point! If you are more adventurous, you can go to a ‘secret’ path midway leading down to the waterfall itself.

Venture Carefully to the Waterfall

Venture to the Waterfall Carefully:

If you do venture down to the waterfall, keep a couple things in mind! First, it is very slippery depending on the weather-even more so closer to the falls. Second, it is very loud when you get close to the deluge of water falling. I would suggest bringing earplugs to prevent ringing ears.

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Tumalo Falls the gem of central oregon

Tumalo Falls blasting water and air in its vicinity

The awe does not end there, however! Continue on the path beyond the falls on the upper path and the wonder and beauty only continues. The trail runs almost parallel to Tumalo Creek all the way up to dual tiered waterfalls that are incredible. As far as I know, there is no designated trail down to them other than a small path down to the second fall. If any of you know of a way, please let me know in the comments below!

Waterfalls up the path of Tumalo Falls


What to Bring:

☀︎Water (always)


☀︎Beer (to enjoy at the falls)



☀︎ Weather Resistant Hiking Boots

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