📸5 EASY Steps for getting AMAZING Timelapse photos!


Time-Lapse of Mt. Bachelor.

Time-lapse photography made SUPER easy in 5 steps.

Ok, so, Timelapse photography looks SUPER complicated and advanced, but I promise if you follow these few simple rules, you too can make amazing footage that make others jealous of your skills. Want more basics? Click this for 📷Quick and easy Photography Basics!📷 Now that you’re ready, let’s explore the 5 EASY Steps for getting AMAZING Timelapse photos!

1.) Basic Fundamentals:

First of all, Imagine that every picture you take is a frame in a movie. For instance, if you take 30 minutes of photos every 3 seconds, you will end up with 600 photos. That seems like a lot, but when you render all those photos down into a movie at 30fps, you will have 20 seconds of animated, playable footage. In addition, if you have a Mac, I use a program called Time Lapse AssemblerIt is SUPER EASY to use and gives great results.

2. Choosing the right Camera:

In addition, if you have a DSLR like me, you are already on track to making great Timelapse photos! It is essential that you have a tripod, and an Intervalometer. If you do not have one you will be taking the pictures manually if you have a remote shutter. Trust me, it is much easier to have the Intervalometer. What it does is it allows you to set your DSLR to hit the shutter button at the interval your prefer, e,g., every 3 seconds, every 30seconds or every 1 minute. Below I will provide Amazon links for the intervalometer for the camera you have.




3. Settings on your DSLR:


Canon T6s with Auto-Focus and Stabilization OFF.

I have a Canon t6s, and when you do time-lapse you HAVE TO SHOOT IN MANUAL!

☀︎This means Auto Focus off and the stabilizer switched to off.


Canon T6s with ‘Medium Image quality’ setting on.

4. Setting memory:

Next, you are going to be shooting hundreds, if not thousands of pictures so I would recommend saving memory and switching from RAW (which you always should be in) to a medium quality image size.

Now, of course, you can shoot in Aperture Priority mode for Day to Night lapses, but in this brief tutorial, we are just going to cover manual mode shooting.

5. Steps to success:

1.) Set camera to manual mode.

2.) Focus Camera.

3.) Set exposure (aperture & ISO) for each given shot with the desired settings.

4.) Double check focus.

5.) Start the time-lapse.

6.) Monitor as your exposure changes.

☀︎Stop the time-lapse and adjust settings as needed, make sure to not to bump or move the camera if changes need to be made.

giphy (6).gif

Time-lapse of Mt. Jefferson

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