🌲The Second Highest Waterfall in Oregon!🌲


Spewing 50,000 gallons per minute

and towering at 286 feet high, Salt Creek Falls is the SECOND TALLEST Waterfall in Oregon next to Multnomah Falls. It is located just off the Willamette Hwy running parallel to Salt Creek. It is a super nice 1hr 30 min drive from Bend, Oregon.

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The falls are smack dab in the middle of the Willamette National Forest! Never-ending towering trees line and follow the road providing amazing fragrant scents and spectacular views! I chose to take the Cascade Lake Scenic Byway all the way to the Willamette Highway turn off giving me maximum scenic views.

*Directions: Salt Creek Falls Observation Site is 23 miles southeast of Oakridge and approximately 5 miles west of Willamette Pass. From Hwy 58 look for the signs, turn onto FS Road 5893 and follow the signs to the parking area.*

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DJI Mavic Pro and Canon t6s

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Me driving through the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway.


Lonely Road.


Kicking up some dust with my Jeep!


Sunset over the Willamette Natl. Forest.

The Willamette Natl. Forest is mysterious and magical all rolled up into one amazing bundle. If you are in love with waterfalls like I am, the you might be interested in seeing Diamond Falls or Proxy Falls which I just did a whole video Blog on! Click the blue text to watch!

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286ft Plunge Salt Creek Falls.

I cannot wait to show this waterfall to my family! Waterfalls like this are the heart and spirit of Oregon. The PNW, in general, is captivating in a way that is hard to explain. Maybe it is because I come from the part of Minnesota where there is no forest or waterfalls, not to mention for the past 8 years living North Dakota where THERE IS NOTHING (Except for Theodore Roosevelt Natl. Park.)

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