Central Oregon: Lava at First SightšŸŒ‹

I seem to write a lot

about Central Oregon, not just because I live here, but because it is incredibly dynamic and full of volcanic history. I find myself doing thought experiments quite often on how it was 7,000-8,000 years ago when all the land around me was actively spewing its molten guts forming and shaping what I see today. It is very easy to take for granted how theĀ violent nature of Central Oregon’sĀ past has given us the beauty and wonder we see today and how amazing our Earth is.

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Lava Cast Forest

The first order of business was to hit up the Paulina (Paw-lye-nah) Lakes area! I have been there so many times before but it is still immenselyĀ pretty, plus there is a waterfall that is just downstream from the main lake.

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Thanks to my DJI OSMO Moblie I can record video with my iPhone looking rear through the roof of my jeep! I would recommend it to anyone who loves hiking and takes tons of pics and video with their smartphone. The OSMO works seamlessly with Android as well!

Paulina Lake sits within the Newberry Crater, formed from over 500,000 years of volcanic activity. Both lakes are craters of collapsed volcanosĀ known as ‘calderas.’ Ā Crater Lake Oregon is another example of this just on a much, much larger scale.

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Such a deep blue color both of these lakes are!

giphy (8).gif

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Paulina Lake drains itself into Paulina CreekĀ making two beautifulĀ waterfalls! This creek is a tributary to the mighty Deschutes River!

Paulina Falls!

Amazing scenery, no?!


Since it was such an amazing and hot day, I decided to go check out the Lava Cast Forest just North of the twinĀ lakes!

Roughly 7,000 years ago the forest was ruled by massive ponderosa pines which are adapted and suited for forest fires. The biggest of the surrounding treesĀ were resistant to the lava flow and was not able to knock them down. The Lava Cast ForestĀ was born after the lava surrounded the trees and solidified around the tree trunk, leaving monoliths of ancient fiery past.

Lava Cast Forest!

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