Nearly Endless Summer Bliss-Jeep trails, rivers, and other wonders!

Vibrant Indian Fireweed

Indian Fireweed is native to Oregon!

It would be a crime

if one did not take full advantage of a nearly perfect summer with clear skies and soaring temperatures in the 90’s. I was perusing my newly downloaded Google Earth and found that in the area of Chush Falls, there are nearly 10 more MASSIVE WATERFALLS that are not visible on the path or roads because of how hidden they are in the gorges. Just seeing the satellite imagery elated my adventurous spirit and decided to get as close as I could to them using my Jeep and some the abandoned Forest Service roads.

Dji Mavic Pro

Mavic Pro Follows behind.

Accompanied by none other than my Dji Mavic Pro and my Canon t6s, I hit the road hoping that my mission would be successful. It is never just a straight shot to my objectives as I have to stop and soak up the area as much as possible by doing video and taking pictures. It was perfect timing as it was becoming late afternoon when I arrived in the vicinity of the falls as the sun was beginning to set over the mountains to the west. There was still lots of time however to get some great pictures and to explore areas I previously have not been.

iPhone filming. mounted to Joby Tripod.

iPhone filming while attached to a tree using the Joby Action Gorillapod.

It is so hard to describe in detail the experiences and the scents while in the forest-no usage of similes or metaphors can aid in this. The pictures and video I take still DO NOT do justice to the majesty of Central Oregon. The wind whispering through the trees, a scent of the forest which fills my lungs so sweetly, birds chirping melodiously, and a faint sound of white noise with is the river in the background. These words still do no justice.

Whychus Creek

Whychus Creek observed over the One-Lane Bridge near the trail head.

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look cool while on adventure

Adventure waits for no one.

Nearby this bridge,

is a forest road that is not frequented by people probably for good reason as the road is NOT MAINTAINED and large rocks permeate the area.

Dji OSMO Mobile an iPhone

Filmed using the Dji OSMO Mobile. (click the picture.)

This road goes on for about a mile uphill and over LARGE rocks and stops abruptly. I took the advantage to get some last pictures of the area and to turn my Jeep around to get back down to the main roadways.

Dji Mavic Pro

My brave Jeep and I crawling up a hill!

Indian Fireweed and purple flowers

So many of these purple flowers! Indian Fireweed is common here! (click the picture for more info.)

I was unsuccessful at getting to the waterfalls I wanted to see. They are buried and deep canyon and gorge and surrounded by thick, lush, unburnt forest. I got as far as I could with my Jeep in hopes that I could get close enough to where I wouldn’t have to walk ~6 miles to see them.  Upon this realization, it was time for me to navigate out of the woods and find my way back to civilization.

The Three Sisters in the distance.

The Three Sisters.

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