The Historic Columbia River Highway-Waterfalls of the Gorge in Oregon!

Multnomah Falls. M.bellmore

The Historic Columbia River Highway

is approximately 75 miles long that ranges between Troutdale and The Dalles. This highway is saturated with large waterfalls that are iconic to Oregon! The whole gorge was formed by a cataclysmic flood about 14,000 years ago which formed the Columbia River! This whole stretch of road is enveloped by sheer basalt cliffs imbued with waterfalls and rainforest-esque landscape. For people living in the hustle of Portland, this area is close and offers up the untamed elegance and charm that is Oregon.

Unfortunately, I saw only 3 of the 12 Listed Waterfalls on the highway.

Latourell Falls, Oregon

The first waterfall

I saw was Latourell Falls. Easily accessed by car or hike, this waterfall is 249 feet tall and is a classic plunge waterfall and columnar basalt formation. that is visible from the highway!  Check out this video below!

Next up is Wahkeena Falls meaning “most beautiful” in Yakima tribal tongue. It is a tired waterfall adding up to 242 ft and it certainly lives up to its name!

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This is a place worth

 4 more blogs and many many more pictures! The beauty of the PNW is encapsulated here and is one of the 7 wonders of Oregon! It is incredibly fascinating to imagine what powerful forces formed this area. One could spend an entire lifetime exploring Oregon and still have room for more discovery and endless wonder! Please Sty tuned for more posts and I promise great pictures, video, and adventure!

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