🌲🏔Chush Falls Adventure


⬆️ Chush Falls

🎥Full YouTube Video Here! Don’t Go Chasing Waterfalls!?

May 10th was an amazing day full of discovery and wonder! I was all alone on the trail and the only sounds I could hear were that of the wind through the trees and other nature surrounding me. In fact, there is a marsh/pond halfway up the trail which was permeated with frogs. They were a thunderous symphony of croaking! The white noise of the waterfall depicted above drew ever closer.

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🌲🏔Springtime in the Cascade Mountain Range! Short Film..

Mt. Bachelor.jpg

🎥Find more on YouTube @M.Bellmore

June 5th was a great day! Why you might ask? Because it was opening day for the Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway just outside of Bend, Oregon. Sun-filled skies and a fragrant scent of new life emerging for the season was a treat for the senses. I decided to spend the day exploring Elk Lake and Mount Bachelor (shown in picture) for the day taking pictures and making a short film called “Cascade Lakes Adventure,” (click that blue text for the film.)

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🌲The Magic of the PNW-Proxy Falls, Oregon🌲


YouTube @ M.Bellmore (click this for more videos and fun!)

The unparalleled magic of the Pacific Northwest is infectious. Abound with dynamic and unique ecosystems, goliath waterfalls, thick dense forests, and ancient volcanic mountains, it is hard to not fall in love with such beauty. Join me won’t you, on my video based journeys through America’s Pacific Wonderland-Oregon❤️🌲

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📷Quick and easy Photography Basics📷

If you are just beginning your exciting new adventures as a photographer, it is SO EASY to become overwhelmed with all the options and Functions that your new DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera has to offer! in this written tutorial I will break down some of the very basics regarding aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.  Check me out on Youtube@M. Bellmore🌲❤️🌲

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❄️🌲 Top 5 Reasons why I am a TheNorthFace Junkie🌲❄️


Number 1:


Being a Minnesota native, it is an utmost requirement to have a warm reliable jacket for our brutal arctic winters. The pictures you see above are all shot on a day that had mild hurricane force winds and a cold that is only comparable to Antarctica. My current outer layer I wear is the TheNorthFace Thermoball Jacket. This is available from Amazon for $149.21 for a Large size in mens. It blocks a ton of wind and is water-resistant so if it gets wet, you will stay dry and warm! Hint: It folds in and zips up on itself so if you are sans pillow in the field, use this!! 🙂

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🌲10 Great Gifts for Hikers under $50.00🌲

If or someone you love is a jet-setting, wanderlust hiker like I am, there are a few items for under $50.00 that they will certainly appreciate! Important things to keep in mind while on the trail or even on the roads in the dead of winter, is to make sure you have your bare essentials; for instance, decent gear to keep them hydrated, warm and fed. This is by no means a top 10  list like on the Late Show with David Letterman, but just a list that I feel is awesome! So, without further adieu:

Number 10:


Wright Hiking Socks Retailing for $16.00 on Amazon.com, these sock are AMAZING!! I own 3 pairs and always go with me on the trail. I have done hundreds of miles in the Mountains and trials in Oregon and NEVER ONCE have I suffered a blister. These are superior quality an are very warm but breath nicely 🙂 They are found right here!!

Number 9:



Water filtration has come a long, long way! This is a person 0.1 Micron filter that removes 99.9999% of bacteria and Protozoa that will hospitalize you. I have used this COUNTLESS times on the trail in random water sources. All you have to do is fill it with water, shake it vigorously, and there you, simple as that..fresh pure Dihydrogen monoxide 😉  The coolest thing is that it filters out a whopping 1,000L of water before having to change the filter. I would recommend this for anyone who want to pack light and have to peace of mind for having a water source. This is selling for $39.95 on Amazon. Here is the link! Katadyn BeFree

Number 8:


This bag is AMAZING…coming from the rainy Pacific Northwest this was an absolute necessity. Not only does it keep all of your gear dry, it also acts as a compression sack to save room for the rest of your gear. I never leave home without it! This is currently selling on Amazon for $15.97 and is available in 10 or 20 L sacks! Get yours here–> Odyessy Waterproof Sack

Number 7:



Ramen-the college kids go to meal. This is so easy to pack simply because it takes little space and if it gets crushed, who cares?!?! For $16.59 you can get 36 packs of it and can choice between all the different flavors. remember to pack a protein source with too, like nuts, granola, peanut butter, etc.. Get your here! Ramen Noodles

Number 6:


One of the most important things to carry with you on the trail or in the car-first aid! Being in the medical field, I feel that being ready for the unexpected and injury is important. For $24.92 you can have this on the ready for just those occasions. Click this link here for this pack. First Aid

Number 5:

baby wipes

These things have saved me SOOOOO many times in the field either in the Military, or in civilian life. You know that old saying “cleanliness is next to godliness!” Never been truer when in the brush for a week.  For $16.46 you can get a 20 pack of these amazingly handy things! Click here—> Baby Wipes

Number 4:

camera bag

This bag here has been to the top of many a mountain with me while I am on a photo shoot! This will fit any DSLR Camera- I personally own a Canon Rebel T5 with a Tamron 16-300mm lens and it fits just fine! I has a front accessory pouch for an extra filter or whatever you want to bring with you. I did some looking and it does not seem to be available on Amazon, but on Best Buy you can snag this bad boy for $39.99. Click Here!! Platinum – Vintage Camera Messenger Bag.

Number 3:


As a Coffee freak, I am surprised that I do not own one myself. The reviews are stellar and very easy to use. More importantly, that hiker in your life will appreciate how light it is weighing in at only 1lb, it would make a great addition to any kit. Get yours here for $31.95!! Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker with Tote Bag

Number 2:



This is one of my favorite possessions in the kit. SOOO many times I have used it and it was amazingly trustworthy. It folds into itself three times and is very light and compact. I seriously recommend this! Check it out further here! SOG Entrenching Tool

Number 1:


The 100oz or 3Litre CamelBak is an utmost nesessetiy!! I own this and use it in between my Deuter Aircontact 65+10 Backpack and my REI Trail 25 Daypack…On any hike this item comes with me! Get your here!! CamelBak Antidote Reservoir for $24.93!!

I really hope this helps! It is simply a collection of thing I mostly own and use in the field! Please Feel free to follow me on Instagram and on WordPress. 🙂 Since I am on here i might as well share my newest picture I took this afternoon!!!



amateur photographer/adventurer/respiratory therapist/ abuser of puns😂






❄️A Cold Minnesota Evening Hike❄️

I have been back a whole week now from the Pacific Northwest and I already feel withdrawal from its beauty. The important thing to remember is there can be art in nature anywhere you go. As I continue writing this blog, I will attempt to guide and help new hikers with initial struggles of deciding what gear to wear, what to pack, and what amazing hikes or sights can be seen! eve2

Today was a whopping 1°F!!! So warm, right!?! No…After doing a series of pictures by the Red River my fingers almost fell off; it was my fault, however, since I was rolling around in the snow trying to get decent pictures!! Surprising though to find trail runners, mountain bikers, and other photographers still braving the bitter cold! Give us your worst, Minnesota! Nothing will stop us adventurers😎  eve3

Next post will be 10 of my favorite items to stay warm in the cold while doing your adventures!!❄️ 🌲❄️

Evening grass.png

Til next time! I will post Every week!